"A great book about tennis and life."

John Powless, tennis professional - number one senior in the world


This story is about Brenda Nelson as a twelve-year-old and Brenda Nelson Bjorkman as a forty-three-year-old. It is about bullying, anorexia, friendships, competition, and first love in adolescence. And about mentoring, obesity, forgiving, and parenting in adulthood.

With tennis as a metaphor for life, the novel volleys between the summers of 1975 and 2006. It documents the transition from adolescence to adulthood and the effect children have on adults and adults have on children. It exposes flaws in the flawless, weaknesses in the strongest, and it scrutinizes characters of both sexes with varying intellectual and physical abilities.


The Book

Integrating the real histories of 1975 and 2006, And the Oaks Heard Them All tells the story of bullying, anorexia, friendships, competition, and first love in adolescence.

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Meet Peter Karofsky

Love of children led him to a career in pediatrics. That love, coupled with his love of tennis, led Peter to write And the Oaks Heard Them All. Meet Peter Karofsky and find out how love drives him every day.


"A fascinating character of some fascinating characters."

— Phil Haslanger - former managing editor of the Capital Times