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Author Peter Karofsky Celebrates Cambridge, Small Towns in New Book
The Cambridge News & Independent - August, 2016

'And the Oaks Heard Them All:' Peter Karofsky's Debut Novel is Full of Compassion
Middleton Times-Tribune - February, 2017

Peter has been called on by many of the state’s media to talk about bullying and things parents can do to help their children. Listen to a recent interview that aired on WKOW-TV in Madison.

In a recent editorial, Peter wrote that the fact bullying numbers are dropping is good news but it’s not enough.
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Sometimes the story behind the creation of a novel can almost as interesting as the actual book.  Listen in as Peter and radio legend, Jonathan Little, discuss the creation of And the Oaks Heard Them All.

Since writing The Oaks, I’ve been touched by the kindness and help of friends and colleagues who read the book and offered opinions. For example, family therapist, Dr. Doug Kramer - a good friend - submitted the following comments.


"…In Oaks, one senses the goodness inherent in people, and the possibilities for good endings for each. As this is a hopeful book, it might help quiet the anxieties of young parents and others when they tend to think the worst when things go wrong. Equally so, perhaps, I believe it might be good reading for pre-teens through early college.”